Instructions to make a mosaic jar

Mosaic is a timeless technique that likes recycling and imagination in the selection of materials. Take advantage of the old and broken cup and some ceramic tiles that may have left you from rearranging your bathroom, kitchen or apartments at sea.

In a shallow cup, plant a ivy or a cochlear that does not require much soil.


tiles of ceramic tiles
a broken or broken cup
wooden cutting board
glue for wood
grouting compound
tool (hammer, brush)

To make the mosaic, you must first break the ceramic tiles into smaller pieces. Place the tile on a flat surface (eg on the floor) wrapped in a towel and hit with a hammer until you get the desired particle size. Very therapeutic start of the project, right?

I already had a scarf (I’m not blamed, honestly speaking!) In half so that special refinement was not needed.

As a base, I used a regular wooden cutting board. Position the cup on the board and start to lay the mosaic according to your desire. Fill the tiles inside the cup.

I sliced ​​the pieces of tile with a wood glue. Make sure that the distance between the parts of the mosaic is not greater than 3 – 4 mm otherwise you will hardly fill the cracks with the grout.

Mix the white grout compound according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a layer of mass over the tiles using a trowel and level it. Cover the whole mosaic and leave for about ten minutes to shake and a bit crisp.

With a moist sponge, gently wipe the excess weight for grouting from the mosaic surface. When you see that the mass began to harden, move the damp sponge over the joints to prevent cracks. Let it dry.

Dye the white acrylic paint and plant your plant in a cup.