Mosaic – simple and effective

MOZAIK, thousands of years old famous painting technique, is most commonly used in the home on walls or floors in the bathroom and kitchen, as part of the furniture or decorative object. Outside the building, the mosaic can be seen mostly on trails in the garden or in and around the pool.

The mosaic technique is simple: a variety of pebbles, glass or broken ceramic tiles have to be embedded in cement, plaster, adhesive, polyester resin … and after drying, fuse.

The material for mosaic stacking is mainly found in basements or dumps of construction material (old ceramic tiles), along the rivers and the sea (stones). All necessary for the creation of mosaics can also be obtained in hobby lounges or large shopping centers.

The most effective furniture made in the mosaic technique is certainly frames of mirrors and chairs.

To create a mirror frame in a mosaic technique, it is first necessary to cut the wooden frame.

Then a wood adhesive is applied to the frame to which the tiles or stones are attached to each other.

Allow the mosaic to dry, and then the next day, combine all spaces between tiles or pebbles.

Leave the frame for a short time to dry the grout, then clean the residue with the damp sponge.

The chair is done in the same way, just as it is about a larger surface, we advise that before you begin to lay the tiles or pebbles on the surface, draw the desired motif to facilitate the work.

When making the mosaic, regardless of the joints are narrow or wide, it is necessary to observe the color of the grouting compound. In the classic white color, acrylic colors can be added to get the shade you want.

The lack of mosaics proved to be when installed in the kitchen, around the stove. Namely, numerous fugs absorb the baking fats, creating stains in the fumes. When preparing the meal, a mosaic should be protected.